The fountain and summer house. Image by Nicola Stocken-Tomkins

Stuart Cottage has been our home since 1975 and we love it – the Cottage dates from around 1550, the oldest part being the centre gable. The original construction was timber framed with wattle and daub infill. Some internal panels are still wattle and daub but the rest has brick or flint infill. Along with all the other cottages of similar period in the village, Stuart Cottage was tied to the estate of Hatchlands and remained like this until it was purchased from the estate in 1958.  We are told that the cottage was always the home of the estate cowman and we like to think that the “summer house” was possibly the byre for one of his herd when in need of special care and there may possibly have been a door onto the lane.

We enjoy welcoming groups to the garden and prefer a minimum of 15 persons, which gives us the opportunity to engage with our visitors and discuss the planting in more detail.  There are many charities that benefit from the funds raised from the visitors to our garden and in 2018 we will only be receiving groups when we can give more time to our visitors and offer them some delicious home made refreshment.

We look forward to your visit.

Gayle and John