Stuart Cottage – at last to bed.

As I sit here and watch still more rain falling, I am glad that the garden is taking its well earned rest.  All the tender perennials are now safely in the green house, which, with the aid of a heater does not fall below 10 degrees.  The  four large Brugmansias are reduced by a good half and stripped of all their leaves and will remain like that until about March.

With dahlias, some I leave in the ground and cover with a thick mulch, but any that I really prize,  have been taken in and stored.  These will definitely need watching, as last year, for the first time, in their storage place in a workshop, the mice had a good meal from them!  So I ended up being very grateful to the ones that remained in the ground and were fine.

We have several pots with hostas and having removed any remaining leaves, we put a piece of glass on top of the pot to help keep out the rain and stop it from freezing and cracking the pots.

With 2 Cordylines which are in separate large pots, John has made frames in wire netting encircling each plant and filled in the space with dead leaves.  This means that there will be space for air circulation and they are undercover, so no rain will get in to rot them.

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